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Image by Mike Kenneally

Our Story

Connection, quality, simplicity, and back-to-roots would only start to explain who we are. From what feels like the beginning of time, we are best friends who share a passion for drinking coffee, exploring coffee, talking about coffee, and life over coffee.


We met at work almost 20 years ago, where our friendship began. After about five years of working together, we went our separate ways to build our careers while maintaining a sisterhood friendship. 


Our love of coffee led us to buy a sample roaster and roast green coffee beans in our garage on our days off work for fun. We decided to join our love for coffee with business and possibly open a coffee roasting company one day. Instead of just roasting coffee beans, we decided to share our love and passion for roasting and coffee with the public.


Owning the Baya Rica Café allows us to share our passion and work in an environment where we can share and promote our values. We live by integrity, community, giving back, and being fair to customers, employees, farmers and business partners—connection, quality, simple and back-to-roots.


From the Press


Max S. -

"Coffee beans are roasted in house. I love this place / space located in Bridgeland. It has a friendly community vibe. Wi-fi. Clean. Wood floors. A gem."


ghryan -

"When the decor is cozy, the coffee is delicious and the empanadas are full of flavour, you've found a tiny bit of heaven. That's what makes Baya Rica Cafe such a great find."


jordand219 -

"Bays rica is a gem in Bridgeland. It’s cute, cozy, quiet, comfortable and friendly. Coffee and the smell of the roaster is incredible. The baking is spectacular and prices are more than fair. Skip the Starbucks and get a quality cup of coffee and a great treat."

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